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Spring Registration 2024


As we transition to a new website, this one must stay in place through year end.  

To register for the Spring, please put this URL in your browser.

Minors and Intermediate are the only divisions where a child can move up (10 year olds can play in Intermediate) or down (An 11 can play down in Minors but no All-Stars).

If there are any questions, please contact the league at



Hello Parents and Coaches! I have uploaded pdf's of the Medical Release Form and the Volunteer Form for your convience. Parents please complete the Medical Release Form and return completed form to your Head Coach. Coaches and Assistants, anyone that is going to be helping with the team, or if you are interested in volunteering in the concession stand, please fill out the volunteer form and return with a copy of your Drivers License to a KNLL Board Member as soon as possible.

These forms are a Little League requirements and must completed and turned in to a KNLL Board Member.


All members,

Harris County Parks have a strict policy that no alcohol should be brought into the park at any point.  Any league member caught with alcohol or the distribution of alcohol will be asked to leave or return the alcohol outside of the park.

Harris County Parks do allow smoking to occur in the park.  Little League however, does not allow smoking to occur around any players or player areas (backstops, dugouts,  outside dugouts).  A need to smoke or vape can be done by the parking lots or away from any players.



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