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Volunteering at KNLL

The success of Katy National Little League is totally dependent on the diligence and passion of its volunteers. There are many, many ways parents can volunteer their time and resources to Katy National Little League. Listed below are a few “official positions”, but please do not hesitate to offer ideas on ways to improve the facility, or just offer to help.

ALL VOLUNTEERS are required to fill out the Volunteer Application Form and are subject to background checks in accordance with the Little League Child Protection Program.

Board Meetings and Positions: KNLL typically issues its annual Board Meeting proxies in late August. The annual meeting typically occurs in late September, with subsequent meetings at the President’s discretion. Anyone wishing to serve on the Board of Directors should make such request to the current President for the following year. Subsequent Meetings are called at the request of the President or other Board Members. 

In addition, all teams require a Team Mom, as well as every parent doing his or her part with respect to such things as announcing games over the PA, keeping official score, taking pictures for the KNLL Facebook, concession duty, etc. Ask your Manager or Team Mom how you can help. Do not allow (make) them do all the work. It is an impossible task. No one wants to “impose” so you may have to offer your services over and over before they are accepted.

Player Agents are appointed by the President, but do not hesitate to offer your services in this capacity. The Player Agent will select Managers (as approved by the President and KNLL Board of Directors) from those volunteering. If you are interested in becoming a Manager, please fill out the Application for Manager or Coach along with the Little League of America required Volunteer Application Form.

Volunteer Opportunities

Player Agent

The President will appoint the Player Agent, as approved by the Board. The PA should have at least one-year’s experience as either a manager or coach in the respective division.


Managers are selected by the appropriate League Coordinator and their names are submitted to the League President along with the required Little League of America volunteer form and background check form. Only after passing the required background check, will the names be considered by the President for approval. Managers and Coaches must possess leadership abilities and the know-how to work with kids. Training players in the rudiments of teamwork, good sportsmanship and discipline are the goals of the program. It is an important responsibility to lead young people – never forget that.

Team Mom

The Team Mom is the liaison between the Manager and the team parents and allows the Manager and Coaches to better focus on leading the ballplayers.
Team Moms are not expected to handle all the details, although Team Moms often follow up because they don’t want to see something dropped. Many times the Manager will do some of the tasks because of his/her keen interest.

Scorekeeper & Scoreboard Operator

The home team is responsible for providing a scorekeeper; each team shall designate a person to keep the pitch count. The scorekeeper is responsible for recording the game in the official scorebook and given to the Board Member on duty. In addition, the scorekeeper must obtain the signature of the managers upon completion of the game and promptly return the scorebook to the appropriate tower.

The visiting team is responsible for operating the electronic scoreboard